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Jan Lyga





January 2018

Theme: Living the Science of Mind

  1. I am creative by nature, not by my will.
  2. God as me, in me, is me.
  3. I have power over my own life.
  4. I have the ability to initiate a new chain of causation.
  5. There is but one Mind and I can use it.
  6. While the laws of Nature are universal, my use of them is individual and personal.
  7. I align my thinking with Nature so my life is also aligned.
  8. I am a unique expression of the universal Wholeness.
  9. Life does for me what I allow it to do through me.
  10. I am an inlet and an outlet for God.
  11. I am able to specialize the Law of cause and effect for my purpose.
  12. Today I will align my thoughts and purposes with the original harmony.
  13. I am at liberty to choose the life I want to live.
  14. There is one Cause back of all manifest form including me.
  15. I am part of the unity of all life, a unity which includes all variety.
  16. Today I sense the Divine Presence and know that I am part of It.
  17. When doing affirmative prayer, I am aware of the infinite Personalness back of, in and through everyone.
  18. I have the conviction to turn from negative conditions and mentally contemplate their opposites.
  19. I have the courage and will to try, and the faith to believe in myself because of my confidence in the Law of Good.
  20. To change my life, I need not change anything outside myself.
  21. I have a deep conviction that my word is operated on by Spiritual Law.
  22. I make my declarations and know that a Power acts upon them.
  23. I do not put power into the Law, but I can and do take it out.
  24. I practice affirmative prayer, wholly believing before I receive.
  25. I have implicit faith and confidence in the Law, knowing these are the power behind my prayers.
  26. Through affirmative prayer, I focus on what I want, not what I don’t want.
  27. I have a firm and abiding trust in the Principle and my ability to use It.
  28. I use affirmative prayer to overcome any discordant mental atmosphere I may experience from time to time.
  29. I realize that the Infinite Spirit within me recognizes me as part of itself.
  30. Today I calmly place myself in the hands of Divine Guidance knowing I will be stimulated to think intelligently and choose wisely.
  31. I absolutely know, think and feel that all is well today and always.

Lovingly prepared by Allison Barrie, RScP Emeritus, and Chaplain Jeanne Kataoka, OAC, RScP









Sunday service with guest minister Rev. Suzanne Gray speaking onf "Science, Superstition and Common Sense"
Sun Jan 21 @10:30AM - 12:00PM
Sunday service with Practitioner Emeritus Allison Barrie speaking on "Thinking Affirmatively"
Sun Jan 28 @10:30AM - 12:00PM
Circle of Light prayer group
Tue Feb 06 @12:00PM - 01:00PM




Yoga workshop
Sun Jan 28 @12:45PM - 01:45PM




Living the Science of Mind book study
Thu Jan 18 @10:00AM - 11:15AM